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East Sussex Home Sets Display Board To Raise Awareness For Black History Month

An East Sussex home has set up a display board to highlight and raise awareness for Black History Month.

MHA Lauriston have set up a display board containing quotes from famous black activists.

Black History Month is an annual observance, held throughout the month of October originating in the United States, where it is also known as African American History Month.

Emma Lawlor, activity coordinator said: “Me and some of the residents were having a discussion on Remembrance Day and one of the residents mentioned Martin Luther King and his famous quotes.

“That’s where the idea of the display board came about, and the board is full of inspirational quotes.

“The conversations I have had with residents have been so positive.

“We spoke about diversity, celebrating cultures and how we should respect one another.

“Here at MHA Lauriston, we have a very diverse workforce, and we all support each other.

“The board has been received really well by everyone and has helped to educate us all on Black History Month.

“On a personal note, my children are mixed race and have come in and seen the board and have really enjoyed it.

“We will keep the board up throughout the month of October and I hope to continue to do something similar with other landmark occasions.”