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Ducklings Hatching At Brendoncare Knightwood

Brendoncare Knightwood’s staff and residents are delighted to have had the opportunity of nurturing the new ducklings that have hatched at the care home.

Leeanne Broyd, Activities Coordinator at Brendoncare Knightwood, said, “It was fascinating to watch them being hatched and it’s amazing at how quickly they grow within a couple of days.

“The residents have had lots of fun and enjoyment from the ducklings and wanted to hold and cuddle them. The ducklings were all given individual names! It’s a real boost to the residents’ health and well-being, they love seeing new life and it’s such a delight seeing the smiles on their faces.

“It’s exciting to know that when they are big enough they will go back to their farm to roam freely.”

Some of the comments from residents at Brendoncare Knightwood were: Betty, “It’s amazing just how quickly they grow”; Kate, “It bought the outside world inside”; and Beryl, “It makes you realise just how amazing nature is”.

The eggs were provided by Incredible Eggs in Kent.














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