Donated Twiddle Muffs Help Dementia Patients To Stay Calm

Two kind-hearted care workers at Nurse Plus Folkestone have been providing comfort to dementia patients thanks to the creation of ‘Twiddle Muffs.’

Sonia Ashton and Sue Booth began crafting the knitted muffs after caring for an individual who found tranquility by cuddling her doll and having something to ‘twiddle’.

Using wool and a variety of accessories including buttons and zips, the pair make the items in their spare time and donate them to local care homes.

Sue, who works in care at Nurse Plus, said: “I work in a care home because I enjoy helping people with different needs and making them feel comfortable, which is why I’m always looking for opportunities to make life more manageable for my patients.

“One of the ladies that I care for was delighted when I first presented her with the Twiddle Muff. She is always looking at it and putting her hands and doll inside to keep warm and it seems to give her real pleasure and a feeling of calm.”

Sonia, another care worker at Nurse Plus, added: “No two days are the same when a person is living with dementia, but it’s exceptionally rewarding when you are able to communicate with them and put a smile on their face. The Twiddle Muffs are only a simple contribution, but they work really well and are very popular with our patients.”

Twiddle Muffs are designed to provide a stimulation activity for people with dementia, who often develop restless behavior as part of the condition. The thick hand muffs provide a source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation at the same time as keeping hands snug and warm.



















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