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Dementia Carers Call for Urgently Needed Long Term Carers’ Strategy

Dementia Carers Count, a national charity that supports unpaid carers looking after someone with dementia, is inviting people to show their support for carers by signing an open letter to the Minister of State for Social Care, which calls for the urgent publication of a long-term, fully funded carers’ strategy.

Over 700,000 family members and friends in the UK are caring for someone with dementia. For many it’s an overwhelming experience. Some regularly find themselves in crisis and describe themselves as feeling “alone”, “trapped” and “broken”.

Frances Lawrence, CEO of Dementia Carers Count, said: “While we must get healthcare right for people living with specific conditions and diseases, including dementia, we mustn’t forget about the needs of family members and friends who provide them with vital care and support. Too often, the care they give is at the expense of their own well-being.

“We are calling on the Minister of State for Social Care to urgently publish a long-term fully funded carers’ strategy. This should complement plans to support people living with dementia and other serious illnesses. All carers should be able to access free condition-specific, personalised support and learning opportunities at every stage of their caring journey. For family carers caring for someone with dementia, this should include support before a diagnosis, at diagnosis, while caring for the person living with dementia, as well as specialist end of life care, and support with anticipatory grief and bereavement.

“Not only do carers deserve support for their own personal well-being, but on a societal level, if we fail to support carers, the burden on the NHS and social care services will only increase. Carers won’t be able to carry on and this will lead to worse outcomes for everyone.

“Please add your name to our call for urgently needed support for carers.”

The open letter to the Minister of State for Social Care is open for signing: It will be delivered to the Minister in the Autumn.














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