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‘Deliver for Adult Social Care’, says NCF as Liz Truss Named new PM

The National Care Forum (NCF) is calling on Liz Truss, named as the new PM, to commit and take urgent action to deliver for adult social care.

Professor Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of the NCF said:
“The announcement of Liz Truss as Prime Minister comes at a time when multiple crises are facing the country due to the cost of living crisis amongst a myriad of other challenges. Her resounding assertion to be the leader that delivers will be immediately put to the test as it is vitally important for the most vulnerable people in our society who find themselves facing a catastrophe if action is not taken urgently.

“We need her government to deliver an immediate solution to the energy crisis which encompasses the impact on the many adult social care and support providers who are facing eye-watering increases in costs in excess of 400%, with many services right now considering their sustainability.

“We need her government to deliver on the care workforce and for an immediate need to increase the funding to adult social care to make sure it can offer staff the terms and conditions that recognise the vital, life changing work they do. We cannot run the risk that they cannot afford to work in care. Care is the backbone of communities up and down the country and they are the lifeblood of its delivery.

“We need her government to deliver on reform and drive forward the necessary reform plans at pace. We know that the current £5.4bn earmarked is simply not enough to address the challenges facing the sector.

“Never mind the next 100 days, the next 10 days will be pivotal, not only in her premiership but also for the many millions of people who work, use and operate adult social care across this country.”


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