Dedicated Nurse Plus Care Worker Retires At The Age Of 82

dedicatedA worker from homecare provider Nurse Plus Dover was praised for her long-standing caring career as she retires at the age of 82.

Sam Sellars, born in Middlesborough in September 1935, joined the Nurse Plus team in 2011, then aged 75.  Her caring career began in 1953 where she was a nurse at Newcastle Hospital.

Four years later Sam took a career break to care for her children and went back into nursing in 1965 for another ten years. Sam went onto reach retirement age whilst working for the Inland Revenue from 1975 to 1995.

It was not until she moved to the South East in 1996 that Sam followed her natural instinct providing four more years of care for people in their own homes.

In August 2011, Sam finally joined Nurse Plus as a home carer, where she dedicated five years to providing a quality service to some of the most vulnerable service users in Kent.

Shirley, daughter of client Daisy Ryes, commented: “Sam worked with my Mum for roughly three years, she was a really good carer and I always felt comfortable leaving Mum with Sam whilst I went off to work or to do my shopping. Mum used to enjoy it when Sam would talk to her about the war as my Mum was in the Land Army. They also used to chat about gardening, our cat and other animals.”

On her final day, colleagues and clients praised Sam for the 23 years of care she has provided throughout her working career.

Mary Harvey, Nurse Plus branch manager, commented: “Sam has been a real asset to Nurse Plus, her years of experience have helped and reassured our vulnerable service users in the community, she has such a strong caring and attentive nature. We are so grateful and thankful for the time she has dedicated to us. Her experience and reliability will be sorely missed by all.”

Sam added: “Keeping fit and active has helped me work as long as I have. I have retired a few times now but feel this time is the right time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a carer with Nurse Plus, getting to know the service users has been the best part of the role.”


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