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Day at the Races for Resident at Norwich Care Home as Part of Seize the Day Initiative

A resident at a Norwich based care home says his dream of watching live car racing came true thanks to the Seize the Day initiative set up at the home.

Eric Silcox is a resident at MHA Cromwell House and expressed an interest in live car races when he was asked by the home what he would like to do as part of the Seize the Day initiative

The Seize the Day initiative is run by charity Methodist Homes (MHA) which runs the home. It encourages residents to re-experience activities or events from the past or to do something they would like to do for the first time.

Eric was accompanied by Angie Apurado, activity coordinator at the home together with his son, Tim, and daughter-in-law, Anne and watched the Ferrari Challenge UK.

Angie said: “Last year, Eric spoke to me about his interest in cars. He also mentioned he wanted to be behind the wheels again. Or if not, he would like to watch a car race.

“His interest in cars started at a young age and learnt how to drive a car when he was 17.

“He says he learnt how to drive by watching his late Dad and the furthest he has driven was from Scotland to London.

“Eric used to work as an RAF pilot and was a navigator for three years during World War 2.

“According to him, all air crew had to learn how to fly planes just in case the main pilot got killed
“The Ferrari challenge was great for him, he enjoyed glancing at different Ferrari cars, his favourite was the yellow Ferrari and really enjoyed taking pictures with the cars.”