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Daughter Of Staff Member At Oxford Home Creates “Process Of Ageing” Portrait Of Resident

The daughter of a staff member at an Oxford home created a portrait of a resident with a twist.

Talulla Purchess is the daughter of Victoria Davidson, who works as an activity coordinator at MHA Brookfield.

Talulla studies Foundation Art at the Oxford Brookes University and hopes to do a fine art degree later this year and as part of her A-Levels studies produced a painting on the process of ageing.

Talulla created the painting as part of her final A-Level Exam and received an A* for it.

After having a conversation with her mum, she was introduced to 103-year-old Alice Kitnar, a resident at the home.

Alice has a picture of herself from when she was 19 years old which caught the attention of Talulla and after speaking with Grazyna, Alice’s daughter she decided to do the painting.

The painting shows a combination of Alice aged 19 and how she is now, with a mirror looking into Alice in her younger days.

Talulla says she was “inspired” by Alice’s story as she had to flee Poland during the Second World War

She added: “The picture of Alice from when she was 19 really inspired me as she was only one year older than me and had to flee her home for her and her family’s safety.

“I was always looking to combine Alice now and then and showcase her life through her own perspective.

“In total it took me 15 hours to complete the painting and when I presented it to Alice and her family they were very impressed.

“I am very proud of how the painting has finished and the response from Alice’s family has been very positive.”

Grazyna Cooper, the daughter of Alice said: “I am amazed at the creativity of Talulla and it really is an incredible painting.

“It showcases a very powerful story of the transition of a human and the painting is so true to my mum.

“The painting is displayed very proudly at my house. I want to thank Talulla for creating such a beautiful lasting memory of my mum and I wish her all the best.”









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