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Croydon Care Home Celebrates Diversity With Two-Day Food Festival

Inspired by Global Diversity Awareness Month and Black History Month, residents and staff at a local care home in Croydon have enjoyed a two-day cultural food festival.

Residents and staff at RMBI Care Co. Home James Terry Court marked the month with a celebration of foods from around the world including Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Jamaica, Nigeria and Eritrea, all prepared by staff in the Home’s kitchen.

Over the two-day event, some staff proudly wore traditional clothing from their countries of birth and everyone learned to play traditional games from different parts of Africa including Dara and Diketo, alongside a quiz and musical entertainment.

Resident Marian Royston, said: “We had a magical time tasting so many authentic dishes. We also had a quiz and learned a lot about each other and some of the different traditions people have. It was an enriching experience.”

“We are fortunate to have an abundance of people from different cultures that live and work in our care home. We wanted to use the month of October especially to celebrate our diversity and learn about different cultures and some of the things that make us special; we see this as one of the greatest strengths of our caring team,” says Derek Thomas, one of the Home’s Activities Coordinators.