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Covid Death Rate In Scottish Care Homes Higher In Larger Homes

Coronavirus death rates in Scotland’s care homes were six times higher in larger facilities, according to a report.

Figures from the Care Inspectorate have revealed that fatalities rose from 2.1 deaths per 100 places in facilities with up to 20 places to 12.6 deaths per 100 places in those with 80 or more places.

Scottish care homes located in the most populated areas had higher rates of Covid-related deaths than those in the most remote areas.

The regulator’s data also showed a death rate of 11.6 per 100 places in large urban areas compared with 3.7 per 100 places in remote small towns.

“A spokesman for the public body said: “We know from our inspections and our experience of the pandemic that the relationship between the quality of care experienced by people in care homes and the impact of Covid is complex.

“We know that any care service can be affected by Covid and that residents of care homes were, tragically, particularly vulnerable to the virus.

“We also know that the quality of care experienced by residents did not necessarily provide an indicator of the risks in relation to the virus.”

The spokesman added the data indicated there “may be relationships between a high number of deaths related to Covid and size of service and geographical location”.

The Care Inspectorate figures also showed 59 per cent of care homes for older adults reported at least one Covid-related death up to March 2021.

Private sector care homes had a higher rate of recording at least one Covid death.