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Couple Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary

A chance meeting on the High Street in High Wycombe and 70 years later, Fred and Doreen, a couple living at Mulberry Court Residential Care Home in Chalfont St Peter, are a match made in heaven.

Asked about how they met, Doreen said: “I didn’t actually think much of Fred when I first met him. I wasn’t sure if he was the one for me, but he went into the Army and when I next saw him, I had a change of heart. It wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, but we went out together… and the rest is history!”
Fred remembers things differently though: “It was love at first sight for me!” he said

Reminiscing about their wedding day, Doreen and Fred recalled details of their big day including their flowers, Doreen’s dress and their wedding party.

“We decorated the church with roses and sweet peas that my grandfather had grown. I wore a silk dress, with buttons sewn on by my uncle. The bridesmaids were all in pink,” recalls Doreen. Fred added: “My suit was navy blue and I remember feeling very smart alongside my best man – a close friend of mine called Mike.”

Doreen and Fred, who recently moved from their home in Prestwood to Mulberry Court in Chalfont St Peter, celebrated their anniversary with their new friends and the team at the home, enjoying an afternoon tea complete with Champagne.

Emma Cole – Deputy Manager at the home commented: “We had a great afternoon celebrating with Fred, Doreen and their daughters. We all enjoyed a glass of Champagne and spent the afternoon hearing all about their life together, including their children, grand children and great grand children. We also learnt that Doreen has a degree in Experimental Psychology and a Masters in Psychology of education. They are such a wonderful couple and the team and I felt honoured to celebrate with them and their family.”