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Cleva: Simplify Expenses and Boost Your Income with an Award-Winning Shopping and Expense Card

Cleva, an award-winning shopping and expense card provides an easy way for organisations to shop on behalf of their vulnerable and elderly clients.

Through ‘single card switching’ technology, it allows carers or support teams to effortlessly handle the finances of multiple clients with just one card. This not only simplifies processes but also reduces administrative burdens significantly – Cleva clients are now saving over 70 minutes of admin time, per client per month!

Unlock new revenue streams

Cleva is also proven to boost revenue by enabling organisations to offer a chargeable shopping service to clients, creating a valuable additional income stream. With time and resource saving as well as an extra income opportunity, it makes Cleva an indispensable tool for enhancing the financial health of organisations.

Secure spending for vulnerable users

For vulnerable users who want to spend their own money, Cleva provides access to choice and a way for them to spend in a monitored and safe environment, with no risk of becoming overdrawn or overwhelmed. Bespoke spending controls can be added to each vulnerable users’ card, and their carer or support team can also have a Cleva card to help with spending, if needed.

Transparency and safeguarding

Cleva goes beyond financial efficiency and fosters a safe and transparent environment for both carers and organisations. With complete accuracy and visibility in the app and management platform, false allegations of theft become a thing of the past. When surveyed, 100% of organisations felt more confident in safeguarding their employees at work thanks to Cleva.

Crowned winner of the 2023 National Care Awards, in the Tech Innovation of the Year category, Cleva really is showcasing the power of technology merged with care experts in an underserved industry.

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