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Chefs From The Runwood Homes Group Take Part In Culinary Masterclass At Billingsgate Market

Runwood Homes chefs from around the country were invited to Billingsgate market to take part in a culinary experience sponsored.

This year’s event was hosted by cookbook author and TV chef, CJ Jackson.

The day started at 5:30am on Wednesday the 30th of August, where 9 chefs from Runwood Homes and Sanders Senior Living arrived for a tour of the market and to look at the produce on the stalls. The teams tasked CJ to find cost-effective species for Fish and chips across Runwood Homes and to complete a taste comparison test when cooked.

At the market, the team purchased Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Hake, Tilapia, Whiting and Coley which made their way back to the cookery school, where the chefs learned from CJ on how to prepare and fillet the different selection of fish.

The chefs were given 10 minutes to choose ingredients and set their station and 30 minutes to produce their dishes. An interesting array of dishes were presented to the judges, ranging from a ramen bowl, kedgeree, to a twist to the classic fish and chips.

The overall winner was Michael Kirwan from Redbond Lodge care home, who cooked a brown butter cod with garlic roast potato bites and a pea, dill and lemon puree. Michael’s dish was awarded first place for the overall flavour, fish cookery and presentation.

Chris Williams, Group Hospitality and Catering Manager at Runwood Homes, said: “What a fantastic day we had at Billingham Market for a masterclass in seafood organised by Robot coupé UK and CJ Jackson.

It was outstanding to see all our participants hard work and dedication at this year’s culinary masterclass and want to congratulate all our winners for their achievements. A huge well done to all our 9 focus group chefs who attended and a big thank you to CJ Jackson for presenting an excellent experience.”

Carol Jackson, CEO of Billingsgate Seaford School, said: “We were delighted to invite the team of chefs at Runwood Homes to be guests of Robot Coupe on one of my masterclasses at Billingsgate. It was a pleasure taking a group around the market and they were so engaged with everything they saw.














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