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Celebrities Stand in Solidarity with Care Workers to Celebrate #GladtoCare Awareness Week 2022

Celebrities, YouTube stars and renowned wellbeing hosts have shown their solidarity with care workers to celebrate a national annual awareness week dedicated to the social care sector.

#GladtoCare Awareness Week, which took place from June 20th-24th, saw over 550 care providers and 15,000 residents get involved in the third annual 5-day initiative — a significant increase from last year’s event.

The week aimed to showcase the extraordinary contributions of the caring community over the past 12 months, enabling care providers and care workers to get involved with various fun and innovative activities to highlight the incredible happenings within the industry.

Using the #GladtoCare hashtag, carers were encouraged to share photos and videos on their social media channels to highlight some of the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes whilst showcasing caring as a fun, rewarding career.

In addition to carers discussing why they are #GladtoCare, celebrities such as Nick Knowles and Arlene Phillips showed their solidarity by recording videos comprising messages of gratitude and support.

Arlene Phillips’ heartfelt message, which expressed enormous gratitude to carers, was particularly thought-provoking. She stated: “We could not have done without our carers throughout the pandemic and now, post-pandemic. We have to appreciate our carers — their kindness and devotion to the job they do is quite incredible. So, please say thank you to our carers this week, and every week.”

Echoing Arlene’s sentiment, Nick Knowles added: “On this #GladtoCare Awareness Week, I’d like to personally thank all of the amazing carers in the UK who go above and beyond in their roles to look after the nation’s elderly and vulnerable. You do an amazing job and we’re so grateful for you and all the hard work that you do. Thank you.”

Other notable figures to show their support included TV sports presenter, Hayley McQueen, Love Island star, Priya Gopaldas and viral singing sensation, Charlotte Awbery — all of whom shared motivational video messages for the UK’s unsung heroes.

In addition to initiating conversation around the care profession, the week sought to connect carers and residents through a series of organised activities. These included events led by celebrities and digital influencers to encourage the participation of both workers and residents.

Lucy Wyndham-Read, a YouTube and social media sensation with over 2.8 million followers and 250 million YouTube views, kickstarted the week with a light fitness session for the ‘Monday Motivation’ initiative — promoting a fun, feel-good vibe in preparation for the week ahead.

The following day, carers and residents recreated hearty recipes provided by celebrity chefs Ainsley Harriott, Laura Adlington and Adam Handling to celebrate #GladtoCare’s ‘Tasty Tuesday’ initiative.

To end the week on a high, Aaron Betesta, owner of Laughtercise, a world-famous wellbeing brand, hosted a rejuvenating session full of laughter for the awareness week’s ‘Feel-Good Friday’ activity, which well and truly got participants in the weekend spirit.

Reflecting on the success of the third-time event, Jonathan Papworth, founder of Person Centred Software, said:

“We are delighted to have received such an incredible response to this year’s #GladtoCare Awareness Week, which revolved around the theme of ‘celebration’.”

“With the involvement of over 550 care providers and 15,000 residents, as well as garnering various celebrity support, we are so pleased with the overall response to the initiative this year. Although we are venturing into a post-pandemic landscape, it is imperative that we continue to celebrate the hard work and efforts of our care staff, whilst highlighting the overall benefits and fun aspects of working in the care industry.”

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