Cavendish Coalition Responds To Home Affairs Committee Report

CavendishcoalitionIn response to the Home Affairs Committee report on the EU Settlement Scheme, Danny Mortimer, co-convenor of the Cavendish Coalition, said:

“The Cavendish Coalition was pleased to provide evidence to the Committee’s inquiry earlier this year on our experience of the pilot scheme in health and social care, which was positively received by employers and members of our teams, particularly after the costs of the scheme to applicants (or their employer) were removed.

“It is critical that the scheme works for individuals and employers and we welcome the focus of this report and the recommendations which, if accepted, will help improve confidence amongst users and ensure an improved experience for those applying. We would also fully support issuing physical documentation to confirm the outcome of the application, alongside the ‘digital status’.

“We have been clear that one of the biggest risks to the success of the scheme is awareness amongst those who need to apply. We all have a role to play in communicating the process but the Government will also need to have a compassionate and pragmatic approach to dealing with EU nationals who are currently in the UK and for whatever reason do not apply to the scheme in time.”