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Carers: Contribute to State of Caring Survey 2018

Each year Carers UK runs the State of Caring Survey to help us show the reality of what it means to care for a family member or friend, and is is asking for contributions to its State of Caring Survey 2018. The State of Caring Survey sets out to help show the reality of what it means to care for a family member or friend.

Carers UK is asking for help to give it the evidence it needs to support its campaigns and give a real-time picture of what it’s like to be a carer in 2018.

This is the most extensive survey into carers’ experiences in the UK. As a result, it will take at least 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

This year, Carers UK is campaigning for carers to be able to access a break from their caring role, for a rise in Carer’s Allowance and for stronger rights for carers who are juggling work and care. Social care and the NHS will be at the top of the agenda again this year too and Carers UK want to make sure that pressure on carers is at the centre of discussions about more funding. Evidence from carers via the State of Caring Survey 2018 is integral to this.

Last year, more than 7,000 carers shared their experience. Carers UK used this to provide evidence on a whole range of issues and to make the arguments to Government, policy-makers and MPs about what carers need. It meant the voices of carers were heard in debates about NHS funding, the quality and funding of care services, loneliness, human rights, pensions and many more issues.

The State of Caring Survey 2018 is available to complete online.


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