Carer Exclusive: Public Urged to Consider Work in Adult Social Care

With absentee rates within the care sector having doubled in recent months due to the pandemic and self-isolation, the Department of Health and Social Care has unveiled a campaign to encourage the public to consider social care as a career, launching its “Care for Others Make a Difference Campaign”.

Speaking exclusively to  , Helen Whately Minister of State (Minister for Care) at the Department of Health and Social Care said:

“We all remember those Thursday nights last year when we came together on our doorsteps to clap. On every street and every village across the country, you could hear the sound of that applause. And we clapped not only for our NHS workers, but for all our carers.”

“The NHS has rightly enjoyed a place in our hearts since it was created, but social care has not always had the appreciation it deserves. That is changing.”

“This virus – that has proved so deadly to the oldest in society – has shown just how important social care is alongside our NHS.”

“We have seen thousands of wonderful people step forwards to volunteer for the NHS and take part in our truly tremendous national vaccination effort. Today, I’m asking people to step forwards and help in social care too.”

“Almost 1.5 million people work in adult social care, and every day they make a difference with their skills and their compassion. But we need more people who want to play their part in this pandemic to choose social care.”

“That’s why the Government is launching our ‘Care for Others. Make a Difference’ campaign. There are thousands of opportunities, from short term roles to long term careers in care.”

“As Care Minister, one of the best bits of my job is getting to meet some of the amazingly dedicated people who work in social care – people working in care homes, people going out into the community or providing full time care to people at home.”

“Jobs in the care sector are hard work, but they can also be incredibly rewarding. If you want a job where you get home from work or finish a shift and know you have made a real difference to someone’s mum or dad, or a much loved grandparent, then the care sector could be for you.”.

“We’re doing all we can to support those currently working in social care through this pandemic. We’ve provided over 255 million items of PPE, introduced regular staff testing, and invested £1.1 billion to prevent outbreaks in care homes. And as vaccines are rolled out across the country, we made sure that carers and the people they look after were at the front of the queue.”

“This pandemic has made us think about what we value. The dignity of care work is finally being recognised.”

“For those looking for a job that has meaning and purpose – my message is take a look at working in social care. Visit to see how.”

“And one more time – a great big thank you to everyone working in social care.”












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