Care UK Urges Caution For Care Home Christmas Donation Scam

Care UK directors are urging care home managers from other providers to be vigilant after a quick thinking colleague at one of Care UK’s Surrey care homes potentially thwarted a criminal trying to access the home’s bank account

A man called one of Care UK’s homes asking for bank details in order to transfer money towards the purchase of Christmas gifts for residents.

The caller claimed to be acting on behalf of a deceased resident whose wishes were to donate funds to the home but the resident’s name was not recognised by the home manager. The caller was insistent on taking the bank account details immediately and when the manager refused, he asked for a colleague’s bank details instead.  Which, of course, she also refused.

The warning has been shared with all 124 of Care UK’s homes but Care UK wanted a wider audience to be on the look-out.

Care UK’s Operational Support Manager Jeni Rushton said this wasn’t the first suspicious approach our home teams have received this year and added:  “ Thankfully colleagues at our homes have been really vigilant and sensible and not handed out any bank details.  But it is possible this caller will keep trying and we wanted to raise awareness of this scam to all care home teams, not just our own.”













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