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Care Residents Celebrate Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Two cherished residents at Cherry Hinton Care Home recently celebrated their remarkable Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Harold and Valerie, affectionately known to their fellow residents and staff as the epitome of enduring love and companionship, commemorated an incredible 60 years of marriage. Their journey together, marked by unwavering commitment, understanding, and boundless affection, serves as an inspiration to all who know them.

Having spent several months as beloved members of the Cherry Hinton family, Harold and Valerie have touched the hearts of everyone with their warm smiles, kind words, and remarkable love story. Their unwavering devotion to each other is a testament to the profound bond that transcends time and circumstance.

In honour of this momentous occasion, Cherry Hinton Care Home hosted a special celebration on a special day. Residents, staff, and guests came together to toast Harold and Valerie’s enduring love, sharing fond memories and heartfelt congratulations.

“We are incredibly privileged to have Harold and Valerie as part of our Cherry Hinton family,” says Shelly Prakash Home Manager at Cherry Hinton Care Home. “Their love and dedication to each other are truly inspirational, and we are honoured to celebrate this extraordinary milestone with them.”








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