Care Home Travels To Spain With Tapas Trolley

Every month at HC-One’s Westwood Lodge care home, in Manchester, Colleagues and Residents visit a different country (virtually of course).

This month they visited Spain, with a Spanish themed trolley and music. The trolley consisted of various tapas snacks such as different flavoured olives, stuffed peppers with mozzarella cheese, chimichanga bean parcels, sweet potato falafels, Moroccan style falafels, semi-dried tomatoes and mozzarella, chorizo salami, cheese and chicken and chorizo pastries.

The Residents loved trying all the different foods, and it really tickled their taste buds. To wash the snacks down they had Spanish wine, beer and non-alcoholic refreshments.

Colleagues enjoyed trying the different foods as well; it was funny seeing their reactions to the olives as most either loved or hated them.

Residents loved the Spanish music, tapas and wine. Janet Kenyon, Resident of the home, commented, “I love olives; I haven’t had them for a long time! I could eat them all day long.”

Lorraine Young, Home Manager, said, “The stuffed peppers were lovely; there was a burst of different flavours all at once.”












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