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Care Home Residents Treated to Morale-Boosting Silent Rave

Residents at a Surrey-based care home were treated to a disco with a difference this week after staff organised a ‘silent rave’ to boost health and wellbeing.

CHD Living, which has 13 care residences across Surrey and South London, organised the event as a fun surprise for residents at its Crest Lodge home in Hindhead.

Seeking to improve resident morale, staff members encouraged residents to don headphones and to dance along to a soundtrack of 80’s classics.

With science demonstrating that dancing can help maintain strength and agility whilst also boosting balance and coordination, the rave served as both a health-enhancing and entertaining activity, the likes of which most of the residents hadn’t experienced before.

With 15 residents in attendance, some of whom are receiving care for special conditions such as brain injuries, the rave proved to be a roaring success and is now set to be repeated across CHD Living’s other care services.

Discussing the silent rave, one of the participating residents, Kirsty Douglas (38), said: “I had the most amazing time singing the night away at the silent rave. My favourite part of the evening was when I removed my headphones and could see my friends and other residents singing and grooving in what appeared to be a completely silent hall! It put a smile on my face, and I would love to go to similar events like these in the future.”

Shaleeza Hasham, CHD Living’s Head of Hospitality and Communications, said: “We’re always looking for fun new activities for residents and, as something few of them will have experienced before, a ‘silent rave’ seemed the perfect way to stimulate and entertain, whilst also delivering numerous health benefits.”

“With high levels of participation and residents commenting how much they enjoyed themselves, the event was a great success. So much so that we are now looking to host similar sessions across our other care homes,” Shaleeza concluded.