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Care Home Residents Celebrate National Scrabble Day

It was dictionaries at the ready at Austen House care home in Lower Earley, Reading where super-competitive residents were keen to get involved in National Scrabble Day.

Staff and residents at Austen House care home decided to host a day-long tournament to decide their ultimate Scrabble Star. Both staff and residents enjoy a game of Scrabble or two and they love coming up with new and improved ways to increase their letter and word scores.

The life enrichment team at the home commented: “Our residents all love to play Scrabble, we regularly have a game on the go and we love a good debate about what is and isn’t a word – thank goodness we always have our trusty dictionary on hand to settle things! Some of our residents have the most amazing vocabularies!

Simona Cioinac, General Manager at the home, said: “It has been a brilliant day and we have all enjoyed playing lots of Scrabble together, it is amazing what you learn when you get together round a Scrabble board. Our residents’ have wiped the floor with me which is no surprise – I really need to brush up my Scrabble skills!”














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