Care Home Resident Achieves Life Goal Of Meeting TV Star Mrs Brown

AchievesA 72-year-old Resident who idolises TV star Mrs Brown had her wish come true when a HC-One care home surprised her with a visit to Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Mrs Brown’s Boys is one of the most iconic comedy shows in Britain and has attracted many fans throughout the years. One of them is Peggy.

Dublin born Peggy is very much like Mrs Brown and has been following the Irish TV show since it first aired in 2011.

Peggy who has been residing at Brandon House Care Home in Coventry for two years made a wish to meet Mrs Brown, so the care team ensured this wish was granted.

Knowing nothing about the visit until she was dressed up as her idol Mrs Brown, Peggy was presented with tickets from Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Simon Day.

Peggy said she was “so overwhelmed” by a day she described as being “very special.”

HC-One’s Brandon House care home manager, Sheryl Davis, wanted Peggy to have the full experience and therefore arranged for Peggy to meet the cast after the show.

She said: “It was incredible to see Peggy’s reaction after she dreamt of seeing Mrs Brown’s Boys live at the studio.

“We always like to go the extra-mile for Residents and make their wishes come true, no matter how small or unusual.

“Peggy talks about Mrs Brown with passion, so we were really excited to be able to make her dream of meeting her come true.

“We managed to keep the visit a complete surprise, so it was incredible to see her cry tears of joy when she found out she was going to the show.”



















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