Care Home Races Ahead with New Driver to Help Care Workers Tackle Skyrocketing Fuel Costs

A care home in Cassington has made the decision to employ a qualified driver who will taxi care workers to and from their shifts at the care home.

In a bid to make commuting easier for its workforce, Churchfields, a CQC outstanding care home, has employed a new driver to enable employees to save money on rising transport costs which are currently crippling the nation.

Care Home Manager, Steph Eley said:

“The cost of living has increased so quickly at such a dramatic level that it has really been a shock to a lot of people, and the last thing we want to do is put our amazing team members at Churchfields under more pressure.

“There is lots of talk at the moment in the media about the impact on home care workers, which is undeniable, but people don’t seem to be talking about the impact on those who commute for work, especially if they have to cover a large distance.”

Barry Acock will be driving the minibus, enabling the care staff at Churchfields to get to work. Those using the bus will meet at a central point in Witney where they will be collected before their shifts and dropped off after. The scheme started this week.

By recruiting a driver, the care home is not only enabling those struggling with fuel prices to continue working, but giving carers who can’t drive a reliable mode of transport.

Alex Navarro, Care Practitioner at Churchfields, will be receiving lifts from Barry. He said:

“Having Barry on board is a huge relief for myself as well as some of the other members of the team here. I had to get the bus before, but since the pandemic the bus timetable has been disrupted, and it no longer fits in with my shift patterns.

“My role is not dissimilar to that of a nurse, and so it’s important that I can be in the home for the right times. Thanks to Barry and this new scheme, that has become much easier and more cost effective for me.”

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