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Care Home Builds Connections Between Residents and Local School Children

The Belmont care home in Worcester, has announced its innovative intergenerational initiative aimed at fostering meaningful connections between residents and the local community. Every Wednesday, residents from The Belmont eagerly join children at North Worcester Primary Academy for a special story time session, marking a weekly event that has become a highlight for all involved.

The intergenerational story time program pairs residents with children, allowing them to share the joy of reading and learning together. Each week, a group of residents join the children, creating a nurturing environment for building relationships and promoting mutual understanding.

Commenting on the initiative, Sandie Preece, Home Manager of The Belmont, highlighted the collaborative efforts that made this program possible. “The well-being lead at The Belmont created such a wonderful connection with the local primary school, North Worcester Primary Academy, and came up with the idea of taking a small amount of our residents to the children once a week to listen to them read.”

Since its launch in 2023, the intergenerational story time has had a profound impact on both residents and children. Sandie noted, “This has had a massive impact on both the residents involved and the children. They have created a special bond between them and made friends in a way that gives both parties a sense of wellbeing and joy.”

The benefits of intergenerational connections extend beyond mere social interaction. Sandie emphasized, “Intergenerational activities can be so beneficial to both our residents and children. It helps build confidence, tackle social isolation, and loneliness in both groups.”

The intergenerational story time program exemplifies the power of community collaboration in nurturing the well-being and happiness of individuals across generations. Through shared experiences and mutual respect, residents and children alike are finding companionship and joy in each other’s company.


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