Care Group Reflects Over Covid-19 Anniversary

Saint Cecilia’s remembers the lost and thanks carers

A North Yorkshire care group will mark the year’s anniversary of lockdown on Tuesday with a day of reflection for the lost and of thanks for key workers.

Saint Cecilia’s Care Group will join in Marie Curie’s Day of Reflection to mark a year since the Covid-19 lockdown began.

It has also put up signs at all its five care centres to thank the NHS, care workers and other keyworkers for risking their lives to care for others.

On Tuesday, a candle will be lit at Saint Cecilia’s centres in Scarborough and Pickering at 12.01pm and staff will observe a minute’s silence.

From 8pm, the centres will be lit in colour to remember the lost. Across all its five centres the care group has added a thank you message to its own signs.

It reads: ‘To the doctors, nurses, carers and all keyworkers we say a huge Thank You!’.

The signs are at Saint Cecilia’s Nursing Home on Filey Road, Saint Cecilia’s Care Home on Stepney Road, Normanby House on Belgrave Crescent and Saint Cecilia’s Day Care Centre at Eastway, Eastfield, all in Scarborough and at Alba Rose Care Home on Middleton Road, Pickering.

Managing Director Mike Padgham said the Care Group wanted to remember the lost and also say thank you to those who have sacrificed so much over the past 12 months.

“This has been a devastating year and we reflect and think of those who have been lost to Covid-19,” he said. “Every death is a tragedy, the loss of a loved one – a father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, uncle or friend.

“I think especially of the near 32,000 people who have died in care settings across England and Wales.

“Tuesday is also a time to think of those who have done so much to save lives too, putting their own lives and health at risk to care for others. We say a huge ‘thank you’ to them, to our own staff and also to all our fellow care workers and all the NHS staff and other keyworkers for an amazing year of selfless, compassionate and outstanding hard work.

“It would be nice if the Government could recognise that hard work and give all carers in England a bonus, like the £500 administrations have given to carers Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”