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Care England Re-Issue Gas and Electricity Tender for Care Providers

Following the fantastic success of the 2022-23 Care England Energy Tender, Care England has launched the second round to offer care providers the opportunity to secure the lowest possible energy prices for gas and electricity renewals between 2023 and 2026 which now includes LPG.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, says:

“With another volatile year ahead, Care England remains concerned about energy renewal costs and wants to support care providers to secure the best value for money possible for gas and electricity, as some energy suppliers and brokers remain unreasonable with prices, additional charges, deal availability, seek excessive upfront deposits, and charging hefty risk premiums, coupled with a low appetite to offer competitive deals, Care England is seeking to help the care sector achieve the best possible energy rates for the sector with the help of our energy specialists by maximising energy supplier interest through aggregation whilst minimising excessive risk premiums and offering benefits beyond what providers can achieve in isolation.”

Round one reviewed over 21,000 energy bills and delivered:
• Energy savings of up to 36% over incumbent brokers and up to 27% lower than the same supplier book prices
• Recovery of more than £3.8m of VAT and CCL
• Free Gas Smart and Advanced Meters supporting the ability to monitor consumption and reduce energy usage and receive accurate invoicing
• Combined energy consumption to access products not available to SMEs
• Re-examination of credit rejections and preferential contracts offered which would normally be rejected
• Access to platforms not accessible to all brokers to ensure the whole market’s lowest possible quote

Care providers with energy contracts that expire between now and 2026, who wish to participate in round two, to secure the lowest possible energy price available at their renewal date and to benefit from support and solutions not available to individual organisations on their own, should register their interest here and complete the expression of interest link. Feedback from participants of round one can be reviewed at

Martin Green continues:
“Round one of the Care England Energy Tender proved to deliver exceptional value beyond what could be achieved due to our aggregated buying power and our partner’s knowledge of the care sector. We would encourage all care providers who are experiencing challenges with their energy costs to consider participating in round two to take advantage to have their bills reviewed to recover overcharges, and to benefit from advice and guidance on when contracts are best placed to secure the lowest price energy and addition offer and to take advantage of facilities not open to individual providers on their own.”

















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