Care Certificate Game Endorsed By Health Education England

Meeting the requirements of the Care Certificate is a challenge for all employers of health and social care support workers. Employers and assessors need innovative and practical learning tools to help them deliver effective face-to-face learning with minimal disruption at a reasonable cost.

Health Education England has identified the Care Certificate Game as a learning and assessment tool that deserves official endorsement:

“Health Education England has been working with external developers to identify the most effective tools to support employers. The Care Certificate Game has been selected as one of the resources that we endorse and that organisations might wish to acquire.”

The Care Certificate Game is a practical group learning tool. It is built around evidence-based practical information, designed to stimulate discussions and reflection. The board game is easy to play and delivers a broad blended and interactive learning experience directly mapped to 8 key standards of the Care Certificate:

  1. Duty of Care
  2. Equality & Diversity
  3. Work in a Person-Centred Way
  4. Communication
  5. Privacy and Dignity
  6. Fluids & Nutrition
  7. Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disabilities
  8. Infection Prevention & Control

While players discuss, share and reflect on questions and scenarios in a safe and supportive environment, assessors can monitor levels of attainment, communication skills and understanding of role and responsibilities.

The game board is also a simple visual competency assessment tool that reflects a group’s level of understanding around each key standard. Success in the game is reflected on the board and directly maps levels of knowledge and understanding. This can suggest where further training may be focussed.

The Training Manager at the Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers:

“I really like the game, it is simple and effective in a format everyone will know and understand. It would be very effective as a summative assessment tool at the end of a training session to consolidate and observe learning while keeping energy levels up. Excellent.”

The game can be used as a standalone tool or as part of a workshop programme and it can accommodate between 1 and 12 players. Games can be played over varying lengths of time dependent on whether the aim is to complete the learning for an individual standard or a combination of standards. 

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