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Care Assistant At Whitstable Home Completes 100 Lengths Swimming Challenge And Raises More Than £850

A care assistant at a Whitstable home completed a swimming challenge consisting of 100 lengths and raised more than £850 for her place of work.

Sian Gibson works at MHA Bradbury Grange and wanted to raise funds for the homes amenities fund, which goes towards trips and activities for the residents.

Sian is a keen swimmer and completed the challenge in less than 90 minutes.

Currently the amount raised is £854. 63 and Sian says she is still getting people coming into the home and handing in cash.

The challenge took place at Whitstable Swimming Pool at Tower Parade, where Sian was cheered on by staff and a resident from the home.

Speaking after the challenge she said:

“I really enjoyed the swimming challenge and to see the support shown by friends and family with the amount raised has been amazing.

“Usually I am a confident person, but prior to the challenge I did get a little nervous, but once I started I was okay.

“There were a lot of people cheering and willing me on, which was nice to see.

“After the challenge I went back to the home to tell the residents, who had bought me some flowers and a bottle of wine.

“The fundraising was slow to begin with, but I am really surprised and thankful for the support shown.

“I am still getting people coming up to me and giving me money, which is great and I hope we can really do something that the residents want with the money raised.

“After this challenge, I am going to do something like this again, but increase the number of lengths to 150.”



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