Brunelcare Commemorates VE Day

“The air raids didn’t stop them, they continued to deliver meals to the most vulnerable”

Brunelcare, founded in 1941 at the height of WW2, is today commemorating VE Day (08th May). Founded during the Blitz, Brunelcare, then known as Old People’s Welfare Committee (OPWC), had three objectives during the war, “keep them warm, keep them fed, keep them alive.”

Today, nearly 80-years later, we want to remember those who founded Brunelcare during the Blitz, and celebrate everyone who’s part of something more today. To do this, we have launched a brand new, emotive, minute-long video, diving into the charity’s archives and capturing the powerful history of Brunelcare. The video, that features many volunteers from 1941, also features nurses, carers and volunteers and the people Brunelcare currently care for, today.

Sasha Matthews, a HR Apprentice at Brunelcare, made an amazing discovery about her Great Grandmother, Alice, who was one of the first volunteers at Brunelcare during the Blitz. She said: “During one of her deliveries in Patchway, Bristol, there was a sudden violent air raid and she ran to the nearest air raid shelter to wait for the bombings to pass. It was a terrifying experience for her, but luckily she was unharmed. It didn’t stop her from her work, she continued to deliver meals to the families that needed them the most, showing just how selfless of a person she was.”

Finding out that her Great Grandmother was one of Brunelcare’s first volunteers during the Blitz was a heartwarming discovery for Sasha, and she says it has made her even more proud to be part of Brunelcare, nearly 80-years-later.















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