Braywood Gardens Organise Poetry Competition for Local Schoolchildren

During March, the team and residents at Braywood Gardens ran their very own poetry competition in partnership with their local school; Sacred Heart Primary School.

Residents at the care home chose ‘Caring for Our World’ as the theme for the competition and the children taking part were encouraged to write their entries relating to the important subject. Braywood Gardens, which is part of the Runwood Homes Group, chose the theme as it links in well with the Group’s dignity theme of the month; ‘The Environment’.

The team thought the ‘Caring for Our World’ theme would be an important and educational topic for the children to focus on and to think about the ways they can help, protect and care for the environment in a creative and imaginative way. The school greatly values such initiatives and even have their own eco champion, who promotes eco-friendly initiatives within the school, so the theme was a great hit.

Residents were involved throughout the entire project, from deciding the theme to selecting the winners, encouraging them to be a part of the community and to help them build lasting bonds with its members.

Lydia Morris, Customer Relations Manager at Braywood Gardens, announced the winners during the school assembly where they were awarded a Smyths voucher and certificate. All the children received a sticker for participating.

Lydia Morris commented:
“The poetry competition has been great for both the children at the school and the residents. We loved reading all the poems and one even brought a tear to a team member’s eye as the children wrote such insightful and thought-provoking poems. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future and welcoming the children to Braywood Gardens.”













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