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Borough Care Marks International Women’s Day

Borough Care is marking International Women’s Day (8 March) by celebrating the achievements of its female residents.

Dr Mark Ward, CEO at Borough Care, says: “At Borough Care, we believe the amazing things our female residents have achieved during their rich and interesting lives should be celebrated not forgotten. These ladies paved the way forward for today’s women. Although gender equality is still some way off, by drawing attention to the incredible, colourful lives our female residents have led we hope to raise awareness against bias and take action to promote equality.”

One such resident is Marjorie Aytoun, who lives at Borough Care’s Meadway Court in Bramhall. Born in Stretford, Greater Manchester in 1932, Marjorie’s intelligence and aptitude shone through from an early age. She secured a place at Stretford Grammar school before going to Leeds University to study the Classics, Ancient Greek and Latin. Things took an unexpected turn for Marjorie at Leeds University, when she developed Spinal TB and had to spend two years in hospital. Despite many difficulties, Marjorie continued to study for her degree throughout her illness. Marjorie had to lie on a slab and could only move her hands and head. Books were laid on her chest and the words reflected onto the ceiling so she could read. It was her determination to complete her degree that kept Marjorie going.

Marjorie recovered and went on to achieve both a B.A. and M.A. in the Classics, before she began a teaching career. Marjorie’s ambition to succeed and break boundaries didn’t stop, as she decided to study for the ministry, despite some reservation towards female reverends at the time. While at Meadway Court, Marjorie has continued to enjoy being involved with the Church, regularly attending services and special events.