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Blackpool Care Resident Celebrates 100 Birthday By Walking After Nearly Two Years

A “dream came true” for a resident at a Blackpool home after he managed to walk on his 100th birthday.

Jack Rothwell resides at MHA Pennystone Court and hadn’t walked in nearly two years but wanted to celebrate his 100th birthday by doing a little walk.

With the help of staff and his family Jack managed to walk to his dining chair, for which he was greeted with a round of applause.

Jack was born in Leigh on the 2nd of July 1923 and his earliest memory is playing rugby, he left school and began to help tuning the church organs, he then worked at cable works.

Jack’s hobby both as a child and an adult is dancing, he also enjoyed holidaying in Tenerife and visiting the Tower Ballroom.

The home had also arranged for Jack to celebrate his birthday with immediate family.

A birthday buffet and camouflage cake were prepared by the kitchen staff and enjoyed by all.

Speaking after the party Jack said: “ I had a dream to walk, and it came true.

“It was an amazing experience, and I am very proud of myself.

Jaide Foster- Haworth, activity coordinator said: “Jack hadn’t walked for almost 2 years and was determined to do so on his 100th.

“So, with the help, care and support of our team, Jack’s dream came true.

“He walked from the dining room door to his seat at his party table, cheered on by family and friends who were here to celebrate with him.

“Everyone had a great time and Jack has not stopped talking about it ever since.”











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