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Bedhampton Court Hosts Heart-Warming Performance By Pompey Pluckers Ukulele Group

Bedhampton Court recently welcomed the talented Pompey Pluckers ukulele group for an enchanting musical performance. The group, founded in 2012 by Bedhampton resident Linda Rowlands, showcased their musical prowess, delighting both residents and staff at the care home.

Linda initiated the formation of the Pompey Pluckers ukulele group, which has since become a local sensation, and, over the years, the group has raised an impressive £76,000 for cancer charities.

The festive and heart-warming event saw residents and team members at Bedhampton Court come together to enjoy a captivating mix of Christmas tunes and timeless classics performed by the Pompey Pluckers. The performance not only brought joy and entertainment but also highlighted the incredible musical talent within the Bedhampton community.

“We are thrilled to have hosted the Pompey Pluckers at Bedhampton Court,” said Tibi Ionescu, Home Manager. “Linda’s initiative in starting this ukulele group has not only brought musical joy to our residents but has also made a significant contribution to cancer charities. We are proud to support such meaningful initiatives that showcase the talent and generosity of our residents.”


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