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Beach Clean Gives Dementia Care Home Residents A Taste Of Environmental Action

Environmentally conscious residents from a dementia care home have done their bit to keep a stretch of the Dorset coastline clean and safe.

Four residents, accompanied by three team members, travelled from Colten Care’s Fernhill in Longham near Bournemouth to carry out a beach clean along the seafront in Swanage.

Holding litter-pickers, they enthusiastically removed pieces of discarded plastic, cigarette ends and other items of rubbish.

The party made the 50-mile round trip in a minibus to support the Great British Beach Clean Week, an initiative of the Marine Conservation Society.

While enjoying the fun of a morning out at the seaside before the onset of winter, residents had earlier told staff they were keen to be involved in a beach clean.

Elizabeth Wilson said: “It’s so important to keep our beaches clean and free from rubbish.”

Ron Heyler said: “The Dorset coast is the most beautiful place in the world and we should all be taking care of it.”

And emphasising the fun of the trip, June Welford added: “I was excited just to be by the seashore.”

Miezy said: “This was a great opportunity to have fun at the seaside while involving our residents in awareness about beach pollution and the importance of keeping our environment clean.

“As it turned out, we were pleasantly surprised to find Swanage was relatively clean and friendly and there wasn’t a large amount of rubbish lying around.

“We did pick up cigarette ends and plastic but we were joking that we should perhaps have chosen somewhere else less relaxing and more in need of a clean.

“To reward our residents for their morning’s efforts, we all enjoyed a lovely lunch at a seaside restaurant basking in the warm sun and the sound of waves.

“As we sat there, residents couldn’t help but feel proud of their contribution to the pristine beauty of the beach.”