Avery Healthcare Host Free Dementia Webinar

For the second year running, Avery Healthcare are hosting a week full of events taking place, including a FREE webinar with Jo Crossland, Head of Dementia Care, suitable for those working in care, people with dementia, people who have loved ones with dementia and/or a general interest in the topic.

Comments from last year’s webinar
“Just to feed back that the webinar yesterday was FANTASTIC. Jo Crossland was really impressive. I’ve attended too many things like this that feel like a waste of my time, but yesterday was definitely worth it! Please pass my thanks to Jo if possible.” – Hannah Currington, Carers Wellbeing Officer, Support For Carers

“It was a great experience to listen to Jo’s presentation, and heart-warming to hear how much special care is given to those people and their families who are living with dementia. The only comment from a G.P. relating to our situation was “you know this can only get worse”.

How true this is, and how sad to see such changes in a loved one’s personality. I truly have no questions that can be helpfully answered, but we are being made aware of all the friendly help that is available. I too, have numbers of qualifications relating to health and social care but remain totally saddened by recent developments. Also, the fact that my 90th birthday is only weeks away does not make things easier! Thank you for making the recording available to me.” – Audrey

The webinar will cover
• what dementia is and its different forms
• the facts, as well as the many myths wrongly associated with dementia
• ways in which the illness can impact people’s physical and mental health
• how person-centred dementia care can help those affected by it to live comfortably

The webinar will take place on two occasions
1. Tuesday 17th May at 11am
2. Thursday 19th May at 7pm

To secure a free spot, head to this page: