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Anger Over More Delays to Care Reform

CARE providers have reacted angrily to further delays to promised reform and called on candidates for the vacant Prime Minister’s job to make social care a priority.

Social Care Minister, Gillian Keegan has announced that changes, which would have helped people who pay for care themselves, are to be delayed by 18 months.

The care provider organization, The Independent Care Group (ICG) says the decision is frustrating.

ICG Chair Mike Padgham said:
“It is no surprise, as every piece of social care reform that is put forward is always delayed, delayed and delayed.

“I would say to those who would be the next Prime Minister: unless you have a bold commitment to getting social care done, don’t bother to put your name forward.

“With a new Secretary of State and ultimately a new Prime Minister, we desperately need to see signs of change and a proper, binding commitment to reform social care once and for all.

“Many warned the Government that there was not enough money available to enable councils to pay a fair price for care and therefore make the changes fair for those who pay for their own care and fair to hard-pressed and cash-strapped care providers who currently face great challenges just to survive.

“Now the whole thing is being kicked down the road for 18 months and we are no further forward.

“Unless the Government starts to reform and properly fund social care, we are never going to make any headway in making the system work for the benefit not only of those who are already receiving care but also for the 1.5m people who can’t get the care they need.

“On his first day as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson promised to get social care done. It is ironic that on what might well be one of his last, the Government delays another piece of reform.”