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All 10 Cambridgeshire Excelcare Homes Support National Reflection Day with Marie Curie planting bulbs for 23rd March 2022

The National Day of Reflection is a day to support the millions of people who’ve been bereaved during the pandemic and to reflect on the lives of the people we’ve lost.

Last year Marie Curie set the first anniversary as they saw the need for everyone to come together, in communities and as a nation, to acknowledge this lasting pain. To make the legacy of the pandemic one of compassion, love, and being there for each other during the toughest times.

During October, the 10 Cambridgeshire Excelcare Homes have been planting many bulbs in their homes garden and pots, ready for their magnificent display, a sea of yellow flowers. Each home asked their Facebook Followers if they would like to donate some bulbs for the care home and for their followers to plant in their own garden or pots. Then on March 23rd the residents are looking forward to seeing pictures from their Facebook followers, of their sea of yellow flowers.

The residents say they are looking forward to watching the bulbs grow with the shoots sprouting early spring and the beauty of the flower forming and opening to their fullest glory.

The weather has been very kind in October and the residents have been able to go outside and plant bulbs straight into their garden. They have also had the chance to plant the bulbs into pots inside the homes especially the residents that love gardening but for many reasons are unable to.

While planting the bulbs some of the residents have been able to reminisce about their own love and passion for gardening. Others have discussed that they used to love watching their loved one gardening, and how much enjoyment it was to see them so happy. Their favourite times would be when they would sit in the garden together and admire it, reaping up the benefits of the hard work that goes into gardening.

The Mayor of Huntingdon took up the residents invite to come and help them plant their bulbs. The Mayor told the residents that his wife is the gardener so he will need some help and guidance from them. Connie was very willing to show the Mayor how to plant the bulbs telling him that she used to do this every year in her own garden.

All 10 Cambridgeshire Excelcare Homes will be taking part in their own special memorial service on the 23rd March 2022, with their sea of yellow flowers standing tall to help support everyone in this difficult time on our planet.