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Added Value Enterprises – Sustainable Solutions for Social Care

Working in partnership
Look around and you’ll see plenty of companies offering to get the right suppliers for your business. What we bring to the table is a friendly, personal approach rooted in proven experience and expertise. We don’t just deal in services – we build connections between people. At Added Value Enterprises, we’re a committed team with a passion for connecting businesses with the right suppliers. Partner with us, and we’ll seek out the best options for your business in a dynamic and crowded marketplace. We’ll also review your existing supply chain, gaining you immediate savings and new efficiencies as well as supporting you with

Purchasing solutions for healthcare
Social care organisations have a lot on their plate, without a supply chain review getting in the way. We collaborate with social care organisations and care homes across the country, taking care of the time-consuming details, and achieving the good value they deserve.

With a robust, ethical, highly traceable supply chain, we deliver expert food, beverage, and non-food purchasing solutions that save time and money. That means more time to focus on what matters, like supporting patient wellbeing with exceptional quality produce.
Let’s achieve new efficiencies today.

Your Social Care Purchasing Partner
Social care organisations choose us as their partner because we know the requirements of this challenging field. We deliver a lean, robust supply chain, that works for your patients and people.

In a busy market, we cut through the obscurity and complicated find the deals that matter to you, achieving the quality you deserve, at a price you didn’t know were possible. How’s that for a healthy supply chain?

Sustainable Sourcing for Social Care organisations and Care homes
We know how important sourcing is to social care organisations and care homes. You need to know where your food, beverages, and non-food are coming from, but that often means paying more than you should.

At AVE, we don’t believe there should ever be a choice between ethics and value. We offer sustainable sourcing that is good for the planet, and your bottom line.

Tailored Recipe Portfolio
With direct access to our supply chain, benefitting from instant cost savings, our tailored recipe portfolio solution allows you to submit your input into our database.

We can review your menu and check for compliance against appropriate industry criteria, providing you with fully costed menus, nutritionally analysed dishes and bespoke recipe books.

Managed Menu Solution
Our managed menu solution provides you with a complete menu solution inclusive of compliance check, nutrition improvement recommendations and commercial opportunities with optional access to our online ordering portal maximising savings potential recipe portfolio solution allows you to submit your recipes to using your menu and check for compliance against appropriate industry criteria,
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