‘A Million Hands’ Partnership With The Scouts Association

Mel Howard, Stocks HallImproving Dementia Education and Awareness

Mel Howard, Quality Assurance Manager of Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group, was honoured to accept an invitation to speak with local 1st Ormskirk Beaver Pack on the issues around Dementia as part of ‘A Million Hands’ project.

It was a noisy and fun packed evening with an information talk delivered by Mel, aimed at the understanding of Dementia for 6-8 year olds. It was then followed by a quiz and ended with the children getting some goodies and pledging what they were going ‘to do’ to help people living with Dementia and their loved ones.

A Million Hands project is a National Scout Campaign that is seeking to get “half a million young people, committed to removing social barriers, connecting communities and improving lives.”  Young people are vital in helping people living with dementia to feel included and understood in their communities and the partnership with the Scouts Association offers a unique opportunity for Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group to work with younger people across the West Lancashire Borough.

The Ormskirk Beaver Pack Leader contacted Mel following the event, saying the children really enjoyed the evening and took everything in.  One little 6 year old boy had said “Dementia is in your brain and it is like little fairy lights that go out, but you can’t do anything about it.”

Mel was delighted to be a part of this project and increase Dementia Awareness in this way.

Mel says “Dementia is very close to the heart of Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group. To talk with the children was a great privilege. We should never underestimate children’s compassion and how they will take their action forward. 1st Ormskirk Beaver Pack were enthusiastic and very eager to help, I was grateful I could pass on information in this way.”

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