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A Dream Of Horses And Hooves Comes True For Care Home Resident Gwen

A wish came true for Amberley Hall care home resident Gwen recently – when she got to see horses being shoed, the same way she did in her youth as the local smithy’s daughter in Gaywood, Kings Lynn.

Gwen Sevrin has a soft spot for horses. She grew up surrounded by them, thanks to her dad, Stan Nicholes, who was the blacksmith in town.

He made sure the horses were well-shod and ready for their work around King’s Lynn. Gwen and her family feature in a historical book about Kings Lynn. Her father – Stan Nicholes – was a general smith, shoeing horses in the town and the visiting circus horses who were annual visitors. He also put metal rims on wheels and repaired farm implements and machinery, making him an important part of the local community.

Many years on Gwen’s wish that was placed on the wish tree by the carers at Amberley Hall care home was to see horses being shod again, just like when she was a girl. And guess what? Her wish came true, thanks to her loving family and some friendly faces in the community.

It all started with a casual stroll near Castle Rising, where Gwen’s niece and her daughter bumped into Tim, a local horse owner. They got chatting, and when Tim learned about Gwen’s wish, he was more than happy to help.

So, the next time the horses were due a visit from the farrier Gwen and her family were invited to go along, leaving Amberley Hall care home for a great day out at the stables, which are part of the Castle Rising estate owned by Lady Howard.

Gwen was delighted to meet horses Billy and Ginge. And there was Howard, the mobile farrier, working his magic on their hooves. Gwen was absolutely fascinated watching him shape and fit those metal shoes. It was like stepping back in time for her

Her nephew Alan and his wife Sandra, along with Gwen’s niece Pamela and her husband Paul all went along to share the experience.

Alan said, “I can vaguely remember seeing my grandfather – Gwen’s father – shoeing horses but to see the whole process again was amazing, it’s a real country art.

“Gwen had a great time, she loves to be out and about, and she’s been telling everyone at the home about it.

“We are really grateful to Tim and Howard, who made it all happen. It goes to show that in our community, we can grant wishes sometimes.”