83% Of Residents Already Vaccinated At Somerset Care

In the fight against coronavirus, Somerset Care has already had 83% of residents and 70% of staff receive their first dose of the vaccine. Staff and residents have been administered the vaccine within their respective care homes or designated vaccination centres, as part of the NHS vaccination programme. Those receiving the vaccine range from a 17 year old trainee to a 104 year old resident.

Many of the residents have been reminiscent of an inoculation day at school from their youth, as they all seem to take the experience in their stride, excited to be a part of the hope that the vaccine provides in getting through the current pandemic.

The pandemic has been particularly challenging for the care sector, to try to protect one of our most vulnerable groups, with many care home residents having not seen their loved ones since March 2020. Somerset Care has worked tirelessly to permit safe visits from friends and families of residents, while ensuring residents are protected, all to government guidance. Designated visitor spaces have been created, further supported by testing and PPE, which has enabled residents to remain connected to those closest to them.

A spokesperson for Somerset Care said “Our thanks go to everyone making the vaccination and its roll out possible. We very much look forward to the next phase of the programme in our efforts to return to normal life, whenever that may be.”

Those working within Somerset Care who provide domiciliary care have also began the vaccination process, with plans for all applicable staff and residents to have received their first does of the vaccine by mid February.