15-Minute Visits To The Elderly And Disabled By Carers To Be Phased Out By A Labour Government

Ed Miliband is likley to unveil later today (Thursday 15 May) plans for a “care charter” which would raise standards, prevent care workers being exploited and bring in a tougher inspection regime by the Care Quality Commission. The Labour leader will highlight findings in a report, commissioned by the party, which found that elderly people in nearly two-thirds of areas surveyed in England are visited for no more than 15 minutes and that many care workers are not paid if they choose to extend a visit.

Alzheimer’s Society comment:

‘15 minute care visits are incompatible with a compassionate health and care system. Any move to end such practices is welcome, but must be sufficiently funded. Older people deserve care and support based on their needs and not delivered with one eye on the clock.

‘Many people living with dementia are not receiving the care they need and deserve, and it is unacceptable that care workers are put under strain to deliver care within a rigid time period. Care workers need to be trained and supported to be able to deliver good quality care before our social care system reaches breaking point.’

George McNamara

Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Alzheimer’s Society









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