We Need To Champion The Role Of Social Care Providers

As Prime Minister David Cameron re-shuffled his Cabinet, Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, commented that the new administration provided as good an opportunity as ever to ensure that social care was given the attention it deserves.  He remarked that no longer could social care underfunding remain off limits.

Care England, the largest representative body for social care providers, has the knowledge, expertise, ideas and experience to help the new Ministers to appreciate the vital and dynamic role that social care plays in today’s world.  What we need is a change in culture that recognises the value of social care. These are exciting times and it is also time for action.

Professor Green said:

“We welcome the new Government but,  given the precarious state of health and social care, it needs to remember that we will judge them on their performance. There has been too much of a chasm between the rhetoric of integrated care and the reality of a social care system that is undervalued and underfunded”.

Martin continued:

“The social care sector has borne the brunt of much negativity and is too often seen as the poor relation to health care. We at Care England are enthused by many of the positive and enabling projects that have flourished and we hope that the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, and his team will be open to suggestions from the people at the coal face. There are any number of quick wins that the sector is crying out for that would be mutually beneficial for the sector and the economy. Let’s hope that the energy we saw in the election campaign extends to the reforms in social care, thereby allowing each citizen to have the dignity, care and attention that they deserve and need”.







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