UK’s Oldest Tailor Becomes An Honorary Member Of The Company Of Merchant Taylors

Ninety-nine year old resident Elwyn Hughes at Connaught Court, in Fulford, York, thought to be the oldest working tailor, has become an Honorary Member of The Company of Merchant Taylors in the City of York.

To mark the occasion, Elwyn attended a tea ceremony on Charter Day with over 90 guests. The Company of Merchant Taylors is one of seven guilds in York whose origin dates back to the 13th Century. The position of Honorary Member is bestowed on individuals who have provided distinguished service to the tailoring and craftsmanship profession.

At Connaught Court, Elwyn is still stitching, making waistcoats, skirts and other clothing items for family, friends and for his fellow residents. He has been sewing for more than 80 years after he first picked up a needle and thread.

Commenting on becoming an Honorary Member, Elwyn said:
I am truly honoured to have been recognised by The Company of Merchant Taylors.

Tailoring keeps me active and occupied; it gives me a focus, provides challenges and keeps my brain working.

Marinda Aydinalp, Home Manger at Connaught Court, said: Elwyn is a well-loved and sociable gentleman at Connaught Court. The clothing he makes, such as his waistcoats, are always cheerful and colourful. He just brightens everyone’s day.