Social Care Commitment Week Launches

Social Care Commitment LogoSocial care organisations and training providers are coming together to celebrate the Social Care Commitment with the Minister for Community and Social Care Alistair Burt.

December 7 to December 13 is Social Care Commitment Week and marks two years since the first employers signed up.

In that time, over 3,000 social care employers have signed up to the commitment, which is a public promise that they will deliver high quality care.

The Social Care Commitment publicly declares a commitment to good social care and endorses what organisations are already doing well.

About Social Care Commitment Week

During Social Care Commitment Week, employers who have used the commitment will tweet to the hashtag #SCCWeek and tell other employers how they have used the commitment to better their services.

The hashtag will also see the release of several case studies from organisations using the commitment well.

The Department of Health, several local authorities and large national training providers have all pledged their support for Social Care Commitment Week and will all be encouraging those who haven’t signed up yet to do so.

Minister Support

Alistair Burt, the Minister for Community and Social Care, is supporting Social Care Commitment Week.

“The 1.45 million care workers and healthcare assistants in this country are the lifeblood of the care sector. As our population continues to grow and age, their skills and dedication are needed now more than ever. But it is one thing to attract people with the right values and skills, quite another to empower and support them in what we know to be challenging yet highly rewarding careers.

“For more than two years, the Social Care Commitment has done exactly that – a contract between employers and employees to invest in each other and be the best they can – as together they strive to deliver high quality, compassionate care. Social Care Commitment Week is the perfect opportunity to reaffirm this pledge and encourage new registrations. The Department of Health will continue to support Skills for Care, care agencies and local providers as they use the Commitment to facilitate better training and support, enhanced career paths and, ultimately, greater peace of mind for those receiving or arranging care for themselves and their loved ones.”

How can you support Social Care Commitment Week?

If you have signed the Social Care Commitment, you can support Social Care Commitment Week by tweeting us at the hashtag #SCCWeek. We would love to hear how you are using the commitment to provide high quality care.

If you haven’t yet signed the commitment, this week is the perfect time to do so. Visit to learn more, then make sure you tweet us to let us know.