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Rugeley Home Invites Alpacas To Entertain Residents And Staff

A Rugeley home invited some furry friends to come and entertain staff and residents.

MHA Briar Hill House welcomed two alpacas Teddy and Carlos from the Knightly Alpaca Trekking Farm.

The home organised the visit following a leaflet in the post showing the services the farm provides.

Teddy and Carlos were very popular with the home, which provides residential and nursing care for 36 residents.

Nina Varndell, activity coordinator said:
“The alpacas were well behaved and spent time with all our residents.

“Both Teddy and Carlos were lovely and well looked after by the owners.

“They went into the rooms of the residents who were still in their rooms and the residents loved it.

“They were petting them and had huge smiles on their faces which was lovely to see.

“It’s all they have been talking about ever since and even when it was time for the Alpacas to go, they were not wanting them to leave.

“This was the first time we had Alpacas visit the home and I’m definitely going to make sure I do something like this again.

“I want to thank the Knightly Alpaca Trekking Farm for coming in and spending part of the day with us”.

















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