Residents At The Laurels And Pine Lodge Residential Care Home In Poole Take Part In National Nutrition & Hydration Week

Laurels And Pine Lodge Residential CareResidents at The Laurels & Pine Lodge Residential Home, Oakdale, Poole, thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Nutrition and Hydration week this week.

Staff at the home organised two fun activities to mark the week and to reiterate and promote the importance of nutrition and hydration as a part of providing great care.

The first took place on Wednesday 18th March when two representatives from Tesco Stores in Tower Park and Fleetsbridge visited the home. Together, they both gave a really interesting talk about the Tesco brand – from the history of how the company started and has evolved to where much of their produce comes from today.

Residents in The Laurels & Pine Lodge were eager to ask questions and reminisced about how our shopping experience has changed over the years, discussing the differences between how we shop today and in times gone by and how the concept of home delivery is not a new thing – many of our residents remember a rather different style of home delivery from the past!

The Tesco team also kindly brought with them plenty of ‘freebies’ so residents enjoyed a fun raffle where they could win a prize!

Then, on Friday 19st March, residents enjoyed a Fruity Thursday. They started off by looking at how much fluid they should drink each day and they then discussed different forms of hydration and the signs of dehydration to look out for, including looking at diagrams and pictures. Residents then talked about how food has changed over the years and chatted with staff about eating healthily.

This was followed by a fabulous smoothie making and tasting activity. Residents picked out a selection of fruits that they wanted in their smoothies and they then took it in turns to make their own. Together they created some delicious smoothies such as banana & strawberry, mango & grapefruit and strawberry & lemon (which was by far the favourite!)

Afterwards, Activities Organiser, Ann showed residents a map of the world which she had used to display pictures and information about exotic fruits from all over the world.  Residents enjoyed looking at the details and discussed how long they thought it would take for some of the fruits to get from their country of origin to the UK.

Home Manager, Debbie Rickman said “We really enjoyed taking part in Nutrition and Hydration week. Ensuring that our residents eat well and drink plenty is central to the provision of great care so it’s great to be able to take part in a national initiative to promote nutrition and hydration. As always, our activities team found some interesting ways to mark the week and our residents really enjoyed the various activities that took place. “