Courtney Thorne

Technology moves forward at an ever-increasing pace and forward thinking Care Homes are ensuring they are keeping in step with the tech, says Barry Vacher, marketing manager at Courtney Thorne.

“Quieter and calmer care homes are on the horizon and embracing various technologies can help with getting there.”
Smart phone and tablet technologies are a firm fixture in our everyday lives and these are translating into the Care Home landscape. Care Management plans can be developed and improved by collating data from these technologies in extraordinarily fast ways – leaving more time for staff to focus on their jobs and not painful administerial tasks. The information managers receive ensures that they can make informed decisions and keep accurate and safe records without impacting on time spent caring for residents.
Real time alerts can be delivered to mobile tech – resulting in faster response times. Meaning peace of mind for both staff and residents.
It’s not just the mobile tech revolution that is having an impact on Care Homes. New developments in the field of Acoustic Monitoring are having dramatic impacts on staff and residents. Acoustic Monitoring has proven capabilities of improving the nights sleep a resident may have and freeing up time for night staff. A recent investigation into the benefits of Acoustic Monitoring has shown that the technology can result in up to 60% fewer nightly disturbances for residents and up to a 70% reduction in nightly visits by care staff. This translates to freeing up to 40% of staffs time during the night – leaving them to carry out other duties. This, in turn, can result in staff and residents having better, calmer days.
The technology can be used to determine patterns in night time activity and, when coupled with the power of Care Management Apps, provide a better understanding of a residents needs and, therefore, enable more dynamic and relevant care plans to be deployed.
This coming March, Courtney Thorne are exhibiting at the Dementia Care and Nursing Expo 2020 at the NEC, 9Srand D666). The show offers a fantastic opportunity for visiting Care Home managers and owners to explore and try out these emerging technologies. Only by talking to the manufacturers about how these sorts of solutions can be deployed will they learn about the benefits to their residents, coupled with the cost and time savings that are available. We look forward to seeing you!

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