Chollacott House, Stonehaven Care Group Celebrate 100th Birthday

Chollacott House, Service Manager, Barbara Kader and her care team were thrilled to organise a very special 100th Birthday Celebration on behalf of a popular resident Dr Alan Peter Mayberry Nicol, who also enjoyed receiving a unique and memorable birthday card, from Her Majesty the Queen.

Dr Nicol served on a world tour with Prince Phillip as well as serving with Her Majesty the Queen on board the Royal Yacht Britannia. Although, she never needed to use his service. It might remind Her Majesty of more pleasant times! Dr Nicol, then an anaesthetist to the Queen when Her Majesty was travelling, served on the QE2 between 1952 – 1954. He was famously transferred by bosun’s chair from the Britannia to an accompanying ship to assist with a sick crew member.

Celebrating such a momentous occasion Dr Nicol’s two grandsons who live in London, plus his son Tony and his wife who live abroad, had all planned a surprise party to include friends, family and Navy comrades. Regretfully, due to the current climate, Stonehaven Care Group had taken precautionary measures putting in place their own Pandemic Contingency Plan compliant with Public Health England to ensure their residents and staff remained as safe as possible. Allowing staff, medical professionals and essential services access only, meant the Birthday celebration regretfully had to be cancelled.

Due to Dr Nicol being so far away from his family, it was reassuring to give his family peace of mind knowing he was being well looked after, with regular phone calls from the home keeping everyone up to date with his health and well-being. Stepping in at short notice, Service Manager Barbara Kader and her care team managed to organise a 100th Birthday celebration, baking him a special homemade cake with the number 100 in a gold and black theme which meant Dr Nicol was able to celebrate his special Birthday!







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